3DXB Group of Companies

A leading provider of  innovative 3D printing solutions for the construction industry. With four main specializing branches (Engineering consultancy, Machinery, Micro-concrete & Training), 3DXB is dedicated to provide fully integrated solutions while delivering high-quality products and services.

3DXB Engineering Consultancy L.L.C.​

We leverage advanced technologies and modeling techniques to create comprehensive three-dimensional representations of construction projects, enabling precise planning and visualization.

3DXB for 3D Printing Products Production Co.​

We Supply high-tech innovative and advanced machinery for the 3D construction industry in the MENA region.

3DXB for Ready-Mixed Concrete Manufacturing Co. LLC.​

Manufacturer of 3D Printers INK that suits the local market and its weather condition

3DXB for Technical and Occupational Skills Training (KHDA Accredited) ​

3DXB Institute is a KHDA-accredited training center with KHDA-approved training materials. We have a thorough knowledge with vast experience in the 3D printing field to provide for our trainees.

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